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The Frankie Valli Story
Average rating:  
 54 reviews
by M bath on The Frankie Valli Story

You have to to see to appreciate this guy....first class, i would definitely watch again.

Thank you


by lisa and carl on The Frankie Valli Story
incredible voice and show

What can i say but truly AMAZING and well worth going to the franki valli story show, first time my husband and i have seen this great talentm stephens voice is outstanding. We were at the harbourne village social last saturday and didnt stop singing and dancing all night. thank you for a fantastic show

by Heather on The Frankie Valli Story
Frankie valli tribute

Fantastic show by Stephen James would highly recommend. Enjoyed from the start and would definately go again.

by Claire on The Frankie Valli Story

Best night had out in ages.great performance,even allowed me and my daughter on stage to dance..massive thankyou...any pics would love to see

by lisa birt on The Frankie Valli Story
Oh what a night

The show was 1st class. Stephen was simply amazing. It's one of my favourite shows. If you're thinking of going to this show, I would snap up a ticket or seat and experience his amazing voice

by Diane ford on The Frankie Valli Story
Frankie valli

Fantastic show cnt wait to see you again going to see jerseys boys soon

by Paul millard on The Frankie Valli Story
The Bobby Moore charity night

Secound year I booked The Frankie Valli story just by the outstanding response I had from his first show and this year he was outstanding again , this show is unbelievable , I went down London to see jersey boys but got to honestly say not a patch on Stephen James!

by Clare Harvey on The Frankie Valli Story
Fabulous party entertainment

Stephen came highly recommended but I have to say he exceeded our expectations. He turned a great party into an unforgettable one. Superb singing, lots of fun and a really really nice guy too. Thank you for an outstanding performance which wowed all the guests.

by Mr Butcher on The Frankie Valli Story
Absolutely Shocked, ridiculously good

Stood there with my mouth open, shocked by the sheer range and accuracy of your voice, breath taking performance

Thanks for your kind comments Mr B, glad you enjoyed the show!

by Malcolm Watts on The Frankie Valli Story
Often Imitated, Never Bettered”

Again we were lucky enough to see Stephen James as Frankie Valli… What a fantastic night, I have seen other tributes…but this act was flawless , with attention to every detail.

And the voice… pitch perfect.

We took some friends and they were amazed ….If you get the chance I can highly recommend the show.

Thanks for your comments Malcolm, glad you enjoyed the show.

by Ray Parke on The Frankie Valli Story
Frankie Valli story

What a night. Fantastic music and atmosphere, but would not have been possible without Steven James. What a voice and entertainer. Hope he returns soon.

by Roy Carrington on The Frankie Valli Story
15th March 2014

once in a lifetime you see an act like this an absolutely top class vocal performance aided by a visual projector screen fascinating story but fom the moment the show starts till the end you are absolutely mesmerised by the accuracy and a note perfect performance seen Steve 4 times now and taking more friends to see this breathtaking show

Thank you Roy! Glad you enjoy the show so much.

by Jill ball on The Frankie Valli Story
Bobby more charity night

Thanks for singing my name and proving u do reach those high notes, WOW I would have u sing at my party any day great show absolutely brilliant.

Thanks again for fab night

Highly recommend

Thanks Jill, hope to see you again soon.

by Paul Millard on The Frankie Valli Story
The Bobby Moore fund charity night

Steve did me proud last night and people all thought he was miming but that's got to be used as a compliment on how great his voice is, unbelievable performer and a really nice lad who helped me raise lots of money for the Bobby Moore fund doing a great job as auctioneer , great show a must see!!!!!!

Thanks Paul, always a pleasure 🙂

by Leighton Hall on The Frankie Valli Story
world class

Had the priviledge of listening to this amazing show last nite at the charity event held by my close friend paul millard at montys wine bar one word CLASS never heard a voice like it

by Debbie turner on The Frankie Valli Story
Frankie Valli show

Oh wot a show. Steve is pure talent n a perfectionist n it shows in his performances. This tribute is one of the best I.ve ever seen and for people to say he mimes is an insult. His voice is superb and he really knows how to please the crowd. Well done Steve you deserve to go far in life with a talent like yours. Can.t wait to see show again.xx

by Jamie Jones on The Frankie Valli Story
Friday 10th May 2013

Had tickets to come & watch you at Cradley Heath Liberal Club In May!

'Oh what a night'

You were awesome, no one could ever try and copy this act it is one in a million!

Thanks Again Stephen!

Your Awesome ????

Jamie Jones

Connection Duo

by Lindsey on The Frankie Valli Story

What a wonderful night and an absolute professional Stevens wife goes in to labour and the show goes on and with minuets to spare Steven makes it to see the birth of his son congratulations to you both this act is an absolutist must you will be up dancing and singing all night

by Graham on The Frankie Valli Story

What a wonderful show and wonderful falsetto voice recommend Stephens show cannot praise it enough

by adrian green on The Frankie Valli Story

absolutely unbelievable best act ive seen there. will definately see again

by Finchy on The Frankie Valli Story

Never seen or heard anything like it! This man single handedly wipes the floor with any Frankie Vallie tribute I've ever heard and seen. Including the Famous Jersey Boys!! I'd pay good money to watch this show!!

by Dave Middleton on The Frankie Valli Story
The Frankie Valli Story

Well I took my wife (Lisa) to see The Frankie Valli Story for the second time last night and loved it.

To be honest Stephen James should be part of a much bigger show that should be playing in places like the Theatre Royal.

Yet again Stephens show was a massive success. Also a quick thanks to his wife who did a fantastic job too 🙂

by Gab on The Frankie Valli Story
Best night out in years 😉

I had such a fantastic night, amazing talent, spot on vocals and fab moves. I really enjoyed myself and cannot wait to see another of your shows. You should be in the west end!

Love Gab xx

by Cathy Martin on The Frankie Valli Story

OMG, what a night, fantastic, brilliant, amazing. I was not expecting such a professioally staged show in a small social club, BOY was I wrong, I have not enjoyed a night out sooo much in a long time, the whole show was amazing, I am straight on your site looking for another venue to attend, would love to see this show in the theatre. Thank you sooo much for an amazing evening.

by James Evans on The Frankie Valli Story
Oh What A Night

I have been coming to The Robin virtually since it was opened, and have seen other Frankie Valli tributes in that time, but I have to say this is by far the best tribute act that I have ever seen! Ever! It was so good that many people thought he was miming (myself included). The vocals were just amazing and like listening to the original record, but we were all proved wrong at the end of the evening when he chose a random person out of the audience and used their name to sing Sherry, both accapella and then with the music. Absolutely Outstanding!!! Dont take my word for it - go and see it for yourself!!!! Forget Jersey Boys or any other 4 Seasons tribute acts. This guy will put them all to shame!

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